Start Quote My husband and I were guests at a recent event that was produced by Lavender May, and we just wanted to compliment them for creating a truly memorable evening.
We remember that on the night of the event, when we were about to walk into the party, we had no idea what to expect other than some good company and a few cocktails. What we ended up walking away with (very late that night!) was a fantastic and unique experience that we will never forget!
Jason and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves that evening, and we were impressed with all of the effort and attention to detail that was put into creating the event. The setting and décor were perfect, and the music, food, ambiance, and of course all of the amazing details (that even Jason noticed!) just came together in perfect harmony to create such a glamorous and sexy night. We both felt transported to a different world, and we were "intoxicated" with the mesmerizing sounds, smooth vibe and sweet scents in the air that evening.
We could go on and on about the amazing work and creativity of Lavender May, so we'll just finish by simply saying that we sincerely hope to enjoy another or, better yet, host a Lavender May event in the very near future!
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