Start Quote When I was looking for an event planner, naturally I was looking for someone with an attention to detail, vision and organization, but I also wanted someone with an incredible sense of style, passion/compassion and a wonderful sense of humor (with my family, this came in quite handy). Malin Wong and her company, Lavender May, had all of these elements, but with so many more wonderful surprises along the way. In my experience, finding an individual with such incredible organizational skills, whose attention to detail is like a forensic accountant’s, but also has an overarching gift of grace, elegance, creativity, and beauty is a rare find.
Every detail was precisely planned and executed. If Malin didn’t like the look or exact quality of something, she went above and beyond to make it perfect.
In addition to planning the wedding and reception, a week of fun activities were arranged, as well as a traditional Thanksgiving dinner which had as much detail and beauty as the wedding itself. The resort staff commented that Malin might just be one of the most organized event planners they had ever experienced.
At a meeting during the early stages of planning, Malin asked me if I had a vision in mind, but I truly had zero ideas. Malin’s vision was inspired by my cherished aquamarine earrings, and knowing that I wanted the reception dinner to be on the beach overlooking the ocean, she brought everything together: “the color of the earrings was like the color of the ocean at sunset”.
From a pair of earrings, she was able to create the most beautiful and special day that surpassed my expectations. When my new husband and I walked into the reception, we were stunned. I had to stop and regain my composure as I literally had my breath taken away. The beauty of the space, the faces of my family, and the tear in Malin’s eye…these are things I shall never forget.
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